Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Digg This Button for Google Toolbar

I couldn't find a "Digg This" button for Google Toolbar so I made one.

Thanks to Shabda Raaj for the reddit button that got me thinking about creating my own.
Link to Shabda's other buttons: http://shabda.raaj.googlepages.com/custombuttons-googletoolbar

I am a big fan of customizing my web browser. My Firefox set up is as follows:
  • Bookmarks toolbar - To keep my frequently used bookmarks available as buttons at all times.
  • Delicious toolbar - Big fan of this site. Once I started using delicious for bookmarking I've never looked back.
  • Google Toolbar - Can't live with out this guy. I'm a big fan of using the highlight button with the search bar to do on the fly searches. I use the classic toolbar layout because I like to have my buttons right next to my search window. I also turn off the text and only use icons. No need for text when you know what all the buttons do.

What are your custom browser settings?
Recommend your MUST-HAVE toolbar in the comments!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Why you need Social Media: 101

Below is an excellent (albiet crude) slide deck on use of social media. This can be a great primer for those who are not yet sold on the idea and a good refresher to those of us who are working on social media all the time.