Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Digg This Button for Google Toolbar

I couldn't find a "Digg This" button for Google Toolbar so I made one.

Thanks to Shabda Raaj for the reddit button that got me thinking about creating my own.
Link to Shabda's other buttons: http://shabda.raaj.googlepages.com/custombuttons-googletoolbar

I am a big fan of customizing my web browser. My Firefox set up is as follows:
  • Bookmarks toolbar - To keep my frequently used bookmarks available as buttons at all times.
  • Delicious toolbar - Big fan of this site. Once I started using delicious for bookmarking I've never looked back.
  • Google Toolbar - Can't live with out this guy. I'm a big fan of using the highlight button with the search bar to do on the fly searches. I use the classic toolbar layout because I like to have my buttons right next to my search window. I also turn off the text and only use icons. No need for text when you know what all the buttons do.

What are your custom browser settings?
Recommend your MUST-HAVE toolbar in the comments!

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Oren said...

My biggest must haves:
Favicon picker: Being able to customize my Favicons (or even supply them altogether for the surprising amount of websites that still haven't gotten the clue) allows me to turn my Bookmarks toolbar into a row of icons, much like the Windows quick launch, by removing all the names.
ConQuery: I incorporate every search I commonly use into the Firefox search toolbar. ConQuery allows me to right-click highlighted text on a page and send it to the search engine of my choice (rather than the standard "whichever one I happen to have selected right now"). You can even customize a more direct search action (mine amounts to a double-click on the mouse wheel, which in practice is a lot less awkward than it sounds)
IE Tab: Sadly necessary, especially on my intranet, but better than having to launch a whole separate IE. I also use it to allow me to run EXEs directly from links rather than saving them somewhere.
Duplicate tab: Allows me to better manage my 2 or 3 windows of dozen-tabbed Firefoxiness